Interim services

Interim services

Via Vat-Ex we provide interim VAT services where an indirect tax specialist will be working at your office(s) internally for an agreed fixed term.

The impact on the processes within your company might be so broad that the company would like to hire an indirect tax specialist to review all processes/help with implementation/train employees in-house on a project base or assist with operational VAT compliance work.

Fields of expertise

The indirect tax specialist at Vat-Ex has experience in providing support to the business by establishing and implementing an effective system of VAT processes, internal controls and ensuring compliance with internal policies and procedures and any applicable (VAT) laws and regulations.

We also provide advice and training to (junior) team members and support the business in partnering with various internal and external stakeholders in relation to process improvements and managing disputes with local tax authorities and tax inspectors along with providing technical advice and training to the various teams within the company.

We have experience in working within an EMEA shared service center and with VAT registrations across Europe.

More information on what we can do for you?

We are happy to discuss, please contacts us:

Damaris Gobes – indirect tax specialist

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Dutch tax representation

Acting on behalf of foreign businesses in The Netherlands

Dutch tax representation

Foreign businesses exporting goods from outside the EU to an EU customer via one of the Dutch ports are subject to the Dutch VAT regime.

Business owners who do not reside in the Netherlands, or whose business is not based or does not have a permanent establishment in The Netherlands can appoint a Dutch tax representative to meet the administrative obligations of the Dutch VAT rules.


Tax representation has been enshrined in the law since 1992. VAT-EX B.V. (“VAT-EX or IVA-EX”) can fulfill this role. In the situations mentioned below foreign traders are obliged to appoint a Dutch tax representative.

  • Import of items subject to the reverse charge mechanism
  • Transactions involving excisable goods in an excise warehouse
  • Storage of products in a VAT bonded warehouse
  • Distance sales in The Netherlands by a non-EU business.

Duties of tax representative

A tax representative of a foreign business is responsible for meeting that businesses VAT obligations that arise from their sales activities via The Netherlands. In practice, the tax representative takes care of all related administrative duties for the foreign enterprise, so that it can concentrate on doing business.

Services provided by tax representative:

  • VAT returns
  • Recording and declaring intra-Community transactions to other EU countries (ICT declaration)
  • Intra-stat declarations
  • VAT and customs advisory services
  • Contacts with the Dutch Tax & Customs Administration/Statistics Netherlands
  • Registration of tax representative
  • License applications

Benefits of tax representation

The advantage of appointing VAT-EX is that the foreign business:

  1. is exempt from paying import VAT at customs (under Article 23)
  2. is allowed to zero rate supplies of products such as minerals/oils for trading in a VAT bonded warehouse
  3. is allowed to zero rate products via an excise warehouse

Bank guarantee

VAT-EX provides clients the privilege to apply for and secure a one-off bank guarantee. This bank guarantee is a condition for appointing a tax representative.

The Dutch Tax & Customs Administration demands a bank guarantee whenever a foreign business appoints a tax representative. A bank guarantee is a contract in which a bank provides an unconditional guarantee to pay an amount to a beneficiary as soon as it claims payment. The amount of the bank guarantee is based on the average VAT liability per month and/or quarter. Foreign businesses are required to provide a bank guarantee for the period it is registered for VAT purposes in The Netherlands and for five years after the foreign business has ceased using a Dutch tax representative.

VAT-EX assists businesses with arranging the bank guarantee at the Dutch Tax & Customs Administration.

As of 2014 the minimum amount of the bank guarantee is € 5,000 and the maximum amount is
€ 100,000 or € 500,000. The amount of € 100,000 is applicable for bulk goods/bulk material, semi-finished products and production resources. The amount of € 500,000 is applicable for consumer goods.

Tax representatives in The Netherlands are required to be licensed by the Dutch Tax & Customs Administration. There are two types of licenses:

  • A general license: the tax representative acts on behalf of the foreign business for all goods that are liable to VAT, and intra-Community acquisitions and imports
  • A limited license: the tax representative acts on behalf of the foreign business for imports of goods and subsequent supplies.

VAT-EX provides its services on the basis of a general license.

For specific VAT/IVA advisory services we work with reputable tax firms in The Netherlands. Obviously, we will be happy to work with your VAT advisory firm of preference.

More information on what we can do for you?

We are happy to discuss, please contacts us:

Sylvan Martha – Managing director

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Damaris Gobes – indirect tax specialist

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